Pitchers front shoulder?


I heard that if a pitchers front shoulder is ahead of the body then the pitcher is off balanced and he can’t throw strikes that he wants to. How can you tell if the shoulder is ahead of the body?

It’s not clear to me what you mean by “shoulder is ahead of the body”. I could interpret that to mean the pitcher is leaning such that the shoulder is closer to the target than the rest of the body. I could also interpret it to mean the shoulders are rotating before the rest of the body. Clarify what you mean and I’ll be able to give you a better answer.


actually i both. can u explain for both please.

If a pitcher gets his shoulders out front, then he will not be able to efficiently transfer energy up the kinetic chain. What that means is he won’t be able to use his body to throw - he’ll throw mostly with just his arm which prevents him from achieving his maximum velocity. It also puts more wear and tear on the arm. This pitcher will tire faster during games.

A pitcher whose shoulders rotate ahead of or at the same time as the rest of his body (specifically the hips) has sequencing problems. The hips should rotate before the shoulders. This will also limit his velocity and will most likely make his release point inconsistent. This problem will make it hard to consistently throw strikes. It will also put more stress on the shoulder.

How much of a velocity gain would u see from this fix because i think i am having the same problem and I tire out early. How would u go about fixing this problem

I would guess you could pick up 2-4mph depending on how inefficient you are now.

There are multiple mechanical flaws that can cause these issues so the fix depends on what’s wrong.

o ok thanx