Pitcher's core workout

Hey everyone,

I have committed to play college baseball and when I went in for a meeting with my college pitching coach he told me before I actually get to workout next year with the team I should do their shoulder program 2-3 times a week (i got this) and told me some other stuff. The one thing I am concerned with is my core strength. I know my legs are solid and so is my upper body especially my shoulders because of the amount of rotator cuff stuff and shoulder stabilization stuff i do but i am concerned with my core. I know being strong in the core doesnt mean a 6 pack but I will list basically what i do for core 4-5 times a week.
Russian Twists w/ med ball 2 sets of 20
crunches 1x25
diagonal crunches 1x25 each side
Tight rotations w/ med ball 3x25 (standing up, med ball out in front of body, twist side to side while only moving upper body and pulling around with core)
woodchoppers 2x10 each side (i do these on the free motion machine)

sometimes i mix it up and switch exercises depending on where im working out i also sometimes use the crunches machines at the gym but thats about it…my college coach wants me doing more rotational core exercises and i need a better pitcher’s core workout so please give me some help!!! thanks

Those are all good exercises you listed, What I would recomend to you is that you take 4 or 5 of those and do them in a circuit, that will really work your core its what I’ve been doing for the last month and it really works.

What school are you committed to?