Pitchers and the Bench Press

I thought this was an interesting find, especially for those of you out there that may disagree with pitchers bench pressing.

Newton and McEvoy (159) randomly assigned 24 previously untrained male Australian National League baseball players (~19 years) to eight weeks of resistance training, ballistic medicine ball throwing, or normal baseball throwing (control group). The resistance-training group performed 3 x 8-10 RM wk 1-4 and 3 x 6-8 RM wk 5-8 in the barbell bench press and pullover exercises. They were instructed to perform the lifts using what the authors describe as relatively slow, controlled movements. The medicine-ball group performed three sets of eight repetitions wk 1-4 and three sets of ten repetitions wk 5-8 of maximal effort, explosive chest press and overhead throws with a 3 kg medicine ball. Both experimental groups trained 2x/wk and all the groups participated in normal baseball practice 2x/wk. The medicine-ball group significantly increased 6 RM free-weight bench press (8.9 %), but it was not significantly greater than the control group (3.4 %, n.s.). The resistance-training group significantly increased bench press strength (22.8 %), which was significantly greater than the medicine-ball group and the control group. The resistance-training group was the only group to increase maximal throwing velocity (4.1 %). Newton and McEvoy (159) concluded that conventional free-weight resistance training significantly improved strength and throwing velocity more than the group that trained[/quote]

Newton RU, McEvoy KP. Baseball throwing velocity: a comparison of medicine ball training and weight training. J Strength Conditioning Res 1994;8:198-203.

I saw it a few months back, and it was impossible to find again but I happened to come across it not actually looking for it, lol.