Pitchers and strength

How much is strength related to pitching velocity I have low numbers which I am improving but for example I can’t squat my own body weight on a barbell would that cause poor separation and low velocity and will improving my squat deadlift and bent over row to twice my body weight significantly improve my velocity.thank you everyone for the help so far .Eddietheyetti

Here was a guy 5’ 8’’ and 170 pounds who threw 110 mph:

New Britain, CT: Home of the World's Fastest Fastball

When I played, I was 6’ 4’’ and 210 pounds and threw no more than 95 mph.

“How much is strength related to pitching velocity”

This is how it works physiologically.

You have 2 types of muscle fiber, Type 1 and type 2 in different percentages within every movement and compound movement. Type 2 is split into 2 more groups a and b. Type one are called slow twitch muscle and type 2 's are called fast twitch muscles. The higher the percentage of fast twitch will produce a quicker movement at any muscle girth. Being fit ensures you can achieve your genetic potential. Most strength coaches do not adhere to these principles because it stifles client lists and is subliminally marketed as anybody can attain Elite velocity with enough work. few things are further from the actual truth in baseball. This is why the fastest guy ever Steve Dalkowski was only 5’8” and 170 lb.s but could shove it over 100 consistently.

“I have low numbers which I am improving”

Are you working on your fast twitch muscle fiber’s?

This takes the exact same movement pattern with the object you compete with to get it faster.

“I can’t squat my own body weight”

Squatting and other “Olympic lifts” work on your slow twitch muscles in a non pertaining movement!

“would that cause poor separation”

With your traditional motion, Hip/shoulder separation occurs and contracted long before the body starts forwards contractions. It is performed when the arm is being transitioned to length making it useless in that approach!

“will improving my squat deadlift and bent over row to twice my body weight significantly improve my velocity.”

No, these movements are not performed when you compete.

“thank you everyone for the help so far”

To make improvements in Velo you must work on getting your competitive motion faster. This can be done in 2 ways (sport specific fitness and mechanics) with many techniques that you will never have the full time to do them all daily.

  1. Grip the ball for fastballs with your index finger against the middle finger making 2 fingers into one.

  2. Stride short, stay tall and rotate 175 degrees to recover also tall.

  3. When your glove leg plants (heal to toe) pull back on your glove leg to force higher body rotational abilities and pull back your glove (force coupling) so it ends up at you glove side cheek.

  4. perform a daily (year round) proper long toss or a short speed bull pen even better.

Long toss should not be “high parabolic arc”, cut off height. Always true Crow hop the throw by “cross stepping” not “drop stepping”. Throw with your forearm passing thru ”inside of vertical” not outside. Pop your Elbow up not pull it down and rotate 180 degrees. Enter your throwing lane from the ball arm side, slight angle.

  1. Coach Newton says things go faster in straighter lines!

Stay in alignment with the field driveline to windup, deliver and recover. This will have the ball release above and in front of your forehead, not flying out away from your body laterally.

Hope this helps, any questions just ask.

Thank you for the input my current workout regiment is 5x5 compound lifts heavy weights with a fast tempo

strength through range of motion is what is important.