Pitchers and running!

Yea i post alot of questions and i seem to get tons of replies which is great! The more knowledge i recieve the better ball player i become.

Anyways. I always knew running helps build up stamina but now i hear it gives velocity!!?

I for one hate running. I practicly never run yet i have a rubber arm and have pitched 21 innings in 2 days and still no pain.

I can bring heat all game long.
Only recently have a lost velocity due to no rest. But

why is running such a big factor for pitchers?'
I live in the second hilliest town in the united states and i have ripped legs very powerful but i still can generate a 95mph fastball

Well running does more for you that just strengthens your legs (BTW if your looking for Roger Clemens esque legs, your gonna need to put in hours at the squat rack, not the treadmill. Running builds some muscle, but its mostly conditioning)

The main benefit of running for a pitcher is getting the blood flowing at around 80% your Max Heart Rate for an extended period of time. This gets the nutrients your muscles need to them faster, which helps in muscle repair and subsequently recovery from pitcher. It also helps lactic acid dissipate, Lactic acid being the main chemical that causes muscle soreness.

So Pitchers definetly need to put in the miles, but if you hate running, go for a high intensity bike ride. As long as you get your HR up around 140-150, then your getting the same benefits.