Pitcher with big time juco workouts coming up

Need mechanical feedback



do you have problems with your mechanics as they are?

I dont think i have any major problems but I just want another pair of eyes to look at them and give me some feedback. Did you see the videos?

yeah. from what i can tell you don’t look bad at all. the only thing i would suggest is maybe picking up your target earlier.

also (not saying its bad) but you kinda have a little pause/hitch with your glove and hands at the peak of your windup…is that just comfortable?

Only thing I see, besides for the obvious unique arm angle, is that you don’t always keep your eyes on the target, don’t know if during the game you do this but I like to see a guys eyes glued in there during the motiion. On the arm angle, looks great if it doesn’t bother you, only thing is your release point is pretty easy to pick up, you defintely don’t hide the ball at all, when the ball comes up to your power position, about :03 seconds, you can see that it’s right out there to the side, otherwise looks great, get some game video if you can

Ive actually been trying to get my arm angle back up to my natural high 3 quarter for sink. Do you think that would add some more mphs? Anty drills for this?

The only thing I pick up on is the fact that your post leg’s heel is not parallel to the rubber. What this causes is your trajectory to be lined up with the Right Hander’s batters box. Do you ever have control issues, ex. leaving the ball over the middle trying to throw outside or missing further in than you want? Outside of that, your arm looks quick and your mechanics look good.

Also, what JUCO’s are you looking at?

Howard, san jac, broward, navarro, mcclennan, santa fe, temple and a couple others. My control is not bad but i need to work on the post heel do you think fixin that and picking up arm slot will improve my velo?

I think that getting your arm angle up won’t necessarily give you more velocity nor will getting your foot parallel, arm angle can definately give your pitches more movement and more accuracy, the foot position can help with location too. Velocity as you know is generated by your hips and the torque that they can create in your body, continuing to develop quicker and more explosive hips, core and trunk is what you are looking for to develop more velo.