Pitcher nailing a pitcher

I recall a few months ago I was the starting pitcher in a local tournment. When I came up to bat, the pitcher threw an inside fastball that hit me square on the bottom of my front elbow. Luckily for me, Im a righthanded pitcher and hitter, so my throwing arm wasnt injured. But when I took the mound after that half-inning, I found out I couldn’t even lift my left arm while doing my pitching motion, significantly limiting my range of motion, making fielding impossible, and decreasing my pitching speed by a whole lot. However I managed to pitch through the grudging seven innings and although it wasn’t pretty, I managed to grab the complete came win at a score of 10-5. (7IP, 4ER, 2K)
I was curious to see if anyone else got injured in a game, but continued to pitch, or if anyone has seen a pitcher hit another, hindering their pitching ability.

Yep, last summer, I was hitting in the 7 hole and the starting pitcher. Threw 3 innings scoreless, when I came up to bat in the bottom of the 3rd, second pitch came inside and broke my left hand, just like you thank goodness I am right handed. Off to the hospital and my team lost 3 to 1.