Pitcher doesn't step back?

I know a pitcher who just stands on the mound, pivots and throws the ball. He stays closed and has a good follow through. The thing that I noticed was that he doesn’t take a step back before he pivots. Just wondering if this was ok or should he take a small step back so he can stay balanced still?

Does it look like this?

Carlos Zambrano also doesn’t step back.

Nope. This pitcher just pivots. His right foot pivots before his left foot moves.

why would taking a step back keep you balanced? if anything itll throw you off balance.

taking a short step back will not knock you off balanced. Im saying he stands on the rubber with both feet, just pivots the right foot lifts the left leg up.

it would give you the same effect
with a step to the side you hips get turned close to parallel before leg lift
when you step back your hips stay faced to the batter/plate and spin around your post leg until they are parallel

nolan ryan & randy johnson step back
zambrano & beckett step off to the side

assuming mechanics are correct, nothing matters in the windup until you reach the start of your leg lift. that is why more and more coaches are teaching little leaguers to pitch from only the stretch position. It simplifies the pitching motion because a consistent windup is actually pretty difficult to time.

Does he turn his hips or shoulders so that they are inline with home and second?