Pitcher & Catcher! Which one or Both? How?

My question is this. My son is 14 8th grade and the #1 Pitcher and Catcher on our team. Can someone help with the disadvantages and why’s and the why not’s to be both. Our High School team will need both in the near future but it is hard to manage a 3 game a week schedule (Mon., Tues., and Thur. & sometimes double headers)and use him in both positions. We have worked on the different arm slots, footwork, and all the other differences. Does anyone have any helpful tips and advice.

This is coming from someone who was a catcher and a pitcher. Your son will need to be in great shape in order to do this. Personally I believe he is almost to the age where he needs to choose but you do see some P/C at the college level so he may be one of those guys, I don’t know. I couldn’t handle it and ended up tearing my hip flexor but he may be different. If he wants to do both make sure he is in great shape and has great flexibility. You’ll just have to remind him to listen to his body; he should never pitch in a game when his legs feel taxed. You should constantly ask him how he feels. This is all just my opinion.