Pitcher as a Fielder

In the leagues which i play, most pitchers dont go through PFP’s anymore. It makes it hard when a bunt is played cos they get the ball and throw it like a fastball and it tails bad. Im a pitcher but a 3rd basemen first. I found that it does start in the juniors where this problem occurs. What have you done to fix this problem.

P.S: im a under 12 coach and i make the pitchers do PFP’s regularly.

You find yourself in concert with Steven Ellis on this one Coach…and I am in direct opposition to your arguement.
I think it is one of the “many” things we ask must pitchers to do well. I just cannot see relegating a defender to a “non” status. Of course he must be completely focused on the matter at hand (Pitching), but that ends with the completion of his follow though. Granted, some pitchers have a motion which causes them to “fall off” either way (Steven), but consider the arm saving outs that are getting left on the table, think of the stategy that gets left out or added in because the pitcher is dead weight after he releases the ball. I don’t see you as a conservative approach skipper (More a Fundementals boosted by axiums guy) so I’m just at a loss with you and Steven on this.
I’m kind of confused by your question, at what I percieve your level to be (College), most pitchers have been the stud infielder since little league…most likely shortstops or anchor infielders, they have issues with fielding and throwing runners out?
If they have issues with accuracy, have them “follow the ball” with their body. Are they attempting to pitch the ball to first? I’ve always found a relaxed infielders grip (relaxed/spread two fingers on top of the ball) was comfortable and easy to grip without looking.

Of course, getting the proper footwork out of the way before fielding the ball (when possible) affords the pitcher more time to get the desired grip befoe throwing the ball. I teach my pitchers to get a 4-seam grip but otherwise leave it up to them to get a grip that is comfortable. I don’t really want them using a grip that is out of the ordinary for them.

I didn’t understand the question, but would like to participate :slight_smile: What are we getting at here?

I try to teach my juniors that balance is the most important thing because in every level, from little league to MLB on the throw you must be balanced. I also teach them the relaxed four seam, and to throw the ball at firstbase, not the firstbasemen. I dont realy like “hot dogging” in a game.

I understand what your getting to about the pitchers being so concentrated on the pitching side of baseball, but no matter what the situation is a bunt “has” to lead to an out somewhere, if not its a failed play. The pitcher should be able to throw balanced an accuratly no matter where they are on the field.

For the others (admin) the question was about drills that can make a pitcher a better fielder.

Thanks for the help.

Having read this string I feel stupid … I have no clue what’s on the table . Re: pitchers fielding I’ll say one thing … have balance and be athletic .