Pitchability vs Velocity

My son is going to be a freshman at a D1 power 5 school this year. He throws a 2-seam, slider, curve & change-up. Everything he throws has movement. Sits 88-90 with great command. He can flat out pitch. Honestly would you trade this for 92–94 with no Pitchability/command?

Being honest, pitch-ability is huge, command is huge and understanding sequencing against right and left handed hitters is huge. its where every pitcher strives to get to. and being there at the college level P5 or D3 is 100% what a college coach wants, especially if sitting 88-90. It gives the coach a pitcher he can count on even if the case was that velo was his absolute ceiling. But if I had aspirations of the next level, I’d take the velocity and project-ability.

A D1 pitcher regardless of the velocity without command will be sitting the bench. Having said that command at the D1 level is not just about throwing strikes. It is about hitting spots. Particularly at the knees. If it creeps up above the knees several inches it could be over the fence.

Good Luck to your son this season! Big accomplishment for him and the family!

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Appreciate your honesty

Thanks for your response. Really looking forward to see what his progressing will be. I am very proud of his accomplishments to this point.

Never in a million years! Any good pitching coach will tell you pitching is 3 components: Movement, location, velocity.
It’s debatable if movement or location is first but velocity is NEVER first.
Velocity without movement and location is worthless.

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