Pitch with eye black?


Ever done it? Tell us about it if you have … or why you don’t or wouldn’t.


unless you want to look like a huge douchebag dont wear it when your are pitching. even worse is the sticker eye black.


eye black worked pretty good for nolan ryan when he was with the angels.




Agreed w/ td :lol: . I personally have never worn that stuff at all. Even though it has proved to work very well on sunny days (gogo mythbusters).


Does it affect pitching?


I did it once in a Summer League game. The sun was literally setting in my face … but it railed up the other team so much that I had a rough outing. I think when you do things like that, you need to be careful that it doesn’t have the effect of getting the other team charged and focused and wanting to kick your butt because you’re some tough guy wearing eye black on the mound.

Not sure if this makes sense or not, but I never wore it again. Maddux once said he never, ever, wanted to do anything that would make an opponent notice or remember him. That’s how he was able to get them time after time, day after day. There’s something to be said for that. PEople will remember you if you wear eye black on the mound b/c so few pitchers do it. Just be careful :slight_smile: :coolshades: :coolshades: :coolshades:


They’ll remember me if I throw a knuckleball, what do I do? lol


throw a FB when they’re looking for the flutter.


Already do it man. :twisted:


HAHA i did one game. Not because it looks cool, but it was a really sunny day, and i play shortstop not only pitcher. Well when i pitch, i keep my glove over my mouth when receiving signals, i like the reaction when i see the batter’s faces when they see that i look tough with my eye black. it was pretty fun.


I’ve never tried eye black when pitching. The reason that I don’t do so is because I feel that if I start sweating too much that it would be a real mess and thus become a hassle.


For day games i have special contacts that act like sunglasses too.