Pitch to Contact

Ok, after watching the first month of the HS season I just want to offer a little tip to you young pitchers. I am seeing some really talented pitchers with very good stuff not able to get past the 3rd inning…reason? They are afraid to challenge hitters early in the count BEFORE runners get on base.
I’m a big fan of “pitching backwards” , throwing softstuff in fastball counts, but the only way this is effective is to establish the fastball … even if just to “show” it ! Guys, especially early in the game, with no one on base, make them put it play … homeruns don’t beat you, but 3 walks and a double will every time !

There, I feel better …

First rule of the school (Unauthorized) of Maddux: 3 Pitch innings are KING! Saves your arm, keeps the defense in it, gets your offense up and THEIR pitcher back on the bump in minimal time…oh yah it just mangles somebody elses game plan :smiley:
Complete games are rolled up, your head coach doesn’t get the chance to eat that second pack of rolaids…
You don’t do it by "grooving strikes, you do it by attacking the batter in his weakness with your best, late movement helps.
Ask yourself “why” in a varsity situation am I on the mound? The coach can get a freshman to put it over the plate. He believes you can get HS Varsity players out. Unless you are a freak, he also knows you won’t strike everyone out. So know this…walks are death, death to your arm, pressures your defense, enriches the aforementioned rolaids company, makes your parents think about getting you into that dance class, gets your fans all put off…are completely un-necessary, are generally the case of a pitcher just thinking he can outsmart batters.
Throw quality pitches, to your spots…By the time you get to varsity, you know what sort of pitcher you are (Ground balls, Fly-ball etc.), you know where batters have killed you and where you dominate. The batter doesn’t know any of this…use it against him.
Terp is so right…so many guys who are decent pitchers…could be great…get the girl, win the prize…be a hero, pitch more innings…just throwing the ball to get contact. It takes a mature pitcher to do this.