Pitch Speed Ranges for 10, 11, 12's

My kid’s velo by year, through 16.
5 41 mph
6 44 mph
7 49
8 53
9 59
10 62
11 66
12 70
13 75
14 81
15 87
16 93

Mc lovin mini is awesome. He is in a different rare Category. Not one we would want to compare many kids to. Plus he has his scholarship already. You both did some good hard work congrats. Looking forwarded to learn more from the both of you. Keep it up.

Post the video of 93 at 16!

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We have a 16YO 10th grader that sits 92-93. D1 commit.

South_Paw, this was from that session. Sitting 91-92, T93…on a crappy indoor mound.

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Thanks. Is there a view from behind home plate/behind mound with gun reading?

Nope. There’s not a view from behind the plate (I was holding the gun). We’re not videoing stuff for recruiting purposes or anything, since he already is committed to Georgia Tech and not doing it for any purposes other than to keep improving. The gif above was at the end of the bullpen because he wanted a checkpoint of where his mechanics were. He did take a pic of the reading (posted on Instagram)–since his goal was 93 before the HS season started.

I live in Houston and my 10 year old son plays on a competitive baseball team. His team plays in the fall and the spring, however mine only plays in the spring. He plays football from August to November and basketball from December to February. Baseball starts practicing in January so baseball and basketball overlap. I pitched in college and coached in college and understand the pros and cons of putting a gun on a kid. However, my sons team uses the gun to she how much difference in speed he has from his fastball to his change-up. In his last bullpen session, his fastball was clocked at 60 mph and his change-up was clocked at 50 mph. I have stressed to him that location and mechanics are the two most important things he needs to worry about right now. His fastball is good for his age but I think it’s important that he sees the differential in the change and fastball so he can feel tlhe difference when throwing a pen.

My son Aidan is 8 yrs old and was pitching and he was clocked at 61 mph. He has thrown 2 no hitters this year so far and his pitching has really improved from last year very accurate and high velocity. I think he’s throwing to hard but I ask him all the time if he is ok he always says yes and he continues to throw the heat!! I’m actually looking into finding a 10u team for him in the Des Moines Iowa area.

Dude, tell your kid to slow it down a bit. He doesn’t need all those pitches. the average for 10 yos is about 50-55 mph

So how did your son make out?