Pitch Speed for 15-16 year olds?

I am 15 years old, and I am entering my sophomore year in high school. Last year, as a freshman, I started on JV and played some Varsity. I am 6’1 150, and consistently throw 78-83 mph, topping out at around 85 on a good day. I was just wondering what other guys, my age, are throwing.

how do you throw 78mph on your low, but can top out at 85mph. Thats a near 7mph difference???

Don’t matter about your speed. Hows your location. I know a kid that throws hard as hell, but can’t hit the strike zone.

78-83mph. How does your average velocity differ by so much???

I would say 83mph is pretty darn good. But ya don’t know how accurate your radar gun is, if you have 7mph difference.

A kid i know was throwing 90mph when he was 16 years old, it was legit, he was on the news and crap. Anyways he was getting offers from major league teams at 16.

So ya

My radar gun isn’t the greatest, but it does the job. It was $200. Anyway, my accuracy is pretty good, walking about one or two a game. My K/7 innings is good too, like 10-11 per 7.

If that’s accurate, that is extremely good.

If you assume 4 mph per year, due to natural growth, better mechanics, and strength training, you’ll be sitting at 85-87 topping out 91 or 92

i do not see how its possible to throw 85mph consistent but throw a top speed of 92mph. Thats a 7mph difference.

I am guessing your gun is off dude.

I have the same gun. 200 bucks. Our is off by 5mph. i am throwing 5mph too slow. So we add 5mph. We had i compared to a stalker gun

Some guns to might be to fast by like 6mph.

My buddy had a gun and we clocked our speed when we were 11. With his gun he got me at like 62mph lol.

You should go to a camp, with an actual stalker radar gun, and see how much yours is off by.

Good job the 10k’s per 7 innings that good dude.

I throw consistently in the low 80’s. 80-83(83 is my max). But like stated before, speed means nothing if you cant control it. I’m not doubting your abilities, I’m sure you have great control. But don’t really think that velocity is all there is to it. I have a guy on my Legion team that throws 10-15mph slower than me, he pitches better games and strikes out 2 more batters a game than I do. Im 16

It might not be the gun that is inconistent. Alot of pitchers slow down their fastball in circumstances to ensure they get the strike. I find that its alright to have that range. Sure it would be better to have no range, but nothing you can do about it besides make sure you are throwing the same way every time.

Those are all good speeds. Anything into the 80s in high school is good. When you start touching mid to upper 80s, things can really start to happen for kids. Stay healthy!

im 15 and i sit around 77-79 occasionaly hitting 80-82, but anyone in highschool can hit a fastball

i just turned 16 ( young soph.) and i hit 84-85 for a max and have hit 86 on occasion, though i usually sit at around 82 when i’m starting.

i am 16… going into my junior year… 2013 grad… i sit around 86-87 and touch 89-90… accuracy is getting there

it was with a stalker

What I think I need to see is video of you guys, not for mechanics sake but with these radar gun readings. I discount at least 80% of what I read here regarding MPH estimates. IMO, most are just guesses and the rest are completely fabricated. 2 in 10 actually get in front of a reliable gun and know what they’re throwing. In the end, even if you hit 100 MPH, miss with location and you’re asking for a new pill.

Im going into my junior year and was clocked at 80 on a turn and burn in my 2nd week of throwing(3rd week of January), im guessing i throw around 80-83 off the mound now in the middle of the season.
id give you a video of me but i dont got any ahaha:(