Pitch Speed for 12U

Should I be worrying about throwing in the 50-55 range for a four seamer in 12U?

Sorry, I worded it wrong. I meant to say:

How can I get more velocity on my 4 seam fastball so that I can consistently make it go in the 55-60 MPH range? Or is it alright to be in that 50-54 MPH range?

I would think that at 12u 50-54 is fine, you will be increasing about 5 mph so by 16u 70-74…hopefully with some physical maturity you will be in even better shape. Good Luck.

Focus more on locating both 4-seam, and 2-seam fastballs - and changing speeds. 12U kids will tee off on a FB in the 60s+ with no movement.

My son plays 12U this year, and is usually one of the smaller kids on the field so not the prototypical pitcher body but very effective on the mound. He does not throw hard (upper 50s) compared to other kids in the Southeast - but has good movement on the ball, and locates the ball well with all of his pitches.

Remember - pitchers goal is to… get outs.

Thanks for the help. My friend is also 12 and throws a 65 MPH 4 seam fastball. I was just wondering if I was throwing too slow.

Thanks again.

Not a lot of 50-55 in 12U around here. The ones that do, have “other” pitches to help keep batters off balance.