Pitch Quantities


How many pitches do you throw? How many pitches should a starter throw, and how many should a reliever throw?


a reliver should throw at least 2 really good pitches, im a starter i can throw 14 different pitches but normally throw 7


but for a starter it is 3+


Varies by pitcher. I’d say work on one pitch besides the FB and expand from there as you see what happens. If you’re confident with two pitches and think a third one would supplement it then definitely add one.


Pro scouts look for starters to throw 3-4 “plus pitches” and relievers to throw 2-3 “plus pitches.” A plus pitch is an above average pitch compared to your peers. For example, a plus fastball is 92+. A plus curveball breaks 12-6 and can be thrown for a strike in ANY count.

Not only is throwing more than 3-4 pitches totally unnecessary – it’s also a waste of time. (Can you name one MLB pitcher who throws 7 pitches? I can’t.)

Better to develop a true mastery of fewer pitches. Better to say, “I throw 92 mph,” rather than, “I throw 7 pitches.” Scouts are looking for those dominant plus pitches.


Thank you guys


I throw 6: 3 of which are plus (Curveball, Cutter, Fastball), two are good (Slider, Changeup) and one is average (sinker)


Is that good?


– What’s your best pitch out of these: Curve, Cutter, Slider? (pick one)

– What’s your best pitch out of these: Fastball, Sinker? (pick one)

– Keep the Change up.

There’s your three pitches you should focus on.


1: Curve
2: Fastball
3: Changeup


The slider is there as a second breaking ball, the cutter is a ground-ball pitch to lefties (I’m a RHP), and the sinker is a ground-ball pitch to righties.


Are you saying I should get rid of the other three pitches entirely?


my fastball is 80-83 mph, my screwball is about 73-74 mph and my circle changeup is 74-75 mph; my curveball 73-76 mph, my splitter is 79-80 mph my sinker 78-80mph my cutter is 79-81 mph