Pitch in sleeves ... even when it's hot?

Who does it? Why do you do it? I did it!

I always pitch in sleeves. Mainly underamour cold gear, so i can kkep the arm warm, and i like the compression.

I will werar sleeves until it hits about 85degrees at gametime. And if it is above 85 but windy, i will wear sleeves.

because your wierdos…i live inFLA man i dono if i could do that in summer

we aren’t the weird ones.

i do it every game…i live in MN and one time last year it was like 80 out and i was oitching in under armour (and no, not cold gear either). Good thing it was a scrimmage because that was a HUGE mistake…i was sweating like crazy.

Also if i pitch or play baseball in general, without sleeves, it feels sooooo wierd.

If it is below 90, I am probably wearing sleeves.

Edit: Funny story… Last year I wore sleeves and pants to every practice and I wouldn’t immediately take my clothing off after practice (baseball clothes are so comfortable). That’s a no-no. A week into this routine, I was sporting a full body rash and needless to say, I didn’t wear sleeves or pants for awhile (unless I had to).

I live in northern Illinois, and I only wear sleeves when its below 60 (unless there is no sun and a lot of wind). I feel more free, its like boxers vs. briefs lol. I always wear my pants high too, show my calves off in those tight baseball socks ;] I hardly wear batting gloves anymore, even w/ wood bats-- I like the feel. However, I do wear 3 t-shirts normally- undershirt, team shirt, jersey.

I wear sleeves until it’s in the low 80’s.

ya’ll are just a bunch of sissies complaining about how hot it gets. I got all ya’ll beat. Just the other day it hit 105. I’m in South Carolina so it’s not a dry heat either.

xelasivad, that wasnt the topic :wink:

ok everyone in here seems to be for the long sleeve thing, i never did and it was a no-no to me too. mostly 3/4 shirts or straight up uniform with no tee under it. yes it gets wet but it felt light and good.

i like to never where sleeves