Pitch grip

I’m going into my sophmore year so i for the past few months have been working on my curveball but everyone that i no says to grip the pitch…my high school coach says one thing my friends say another how do some of you guys throw it?

Are you asking how to grip a curveball?

I no howto throw one its just that my coachs,friends etc all say something diffrent about how to grip it…so asically yes i am asking how


A quick Google search can answer this problem too :o :shock:

I’m no expert, but like Bower says, a google search will land you some good advice. I know that there are a couple of different ways to grip it. Most folks in the know suggest that you grab the ball so the horseshoe" is toward the heel of your hand, then place your middle finger on the seam. Some flip the ball over so that your fingers are still on the two seam but on the end with the open end of the horseshoe toward the heel of the hand. Still others claim that leaving your index finger off is the way to go (little league curve, though many major leaguers still throw it).

Look it up on this website if you have any questions, and experiment with what works best for you. As with any pitch, what works for 99% of the other pitchers out there may not work for you, so go find out what does work for you and go for it.

Good luck ad have fun!


There are a number of grips you can use. Each one isn’t necessarily better than the other. Just use the one that feels comfortable and gives the right speed and break.

Correctly throwing the curve is more than just the grip, though. It is hand positioning as well.

When passing through the high cock position, you want to have the hand supinated so that the ball is facing your head. This way, once your shoulders rotate and the arm “lays back” your fingers will be on the side of the ball. Once you release, the ball should “flop” out of your hand.

Those who use the “knuckle” grip dont usually do this or to this extreme. You can if you want to.