Pitch grip page!

I have made a pitch grip page. :slight_smile: The three pitches that are on there now are all knuckle ball grips. 4SFB,2SFB knuckle grips. I will add a couple more pitches later. I will also add a pic of my hand. I broke my last 2 metacarples and my last 2 knuckles are reconstructed. But it has no effects on my pitching whatsoever. Hope you guys enjoy, and tell me what you think I should include on the page next time and I’ll try and see what I can do. The next pitches I will add are pitches I actually throw just as the K-ball, I use the 4SFB grip. I throw the KN-Curve, K-Ball, 4SFB, 2SFB. But eventually I will add Forkball, Splitter, Slider, Change-Ups and more. Please any suggestions let me know. Thanks.