pitch counts

my son played basketball and threw during 7th period and worked out on sundays for 5 weeks leading into baseball

he threw bullpen maybe twice a week but no scrimage games he went right into starting

first game 3innings 84 pitches 2nd game 5 innings 90 plus 3rd and 4th games about the same

last game 75 pitches in 2 innings

he is 17 and plays on the worst imaniable defensive team

what do you guys think of these outragious pitch counts for so few innings I am thinking about shutting him down for the year

This is absolutely unheard of! Seventy-five pitches in two innings? Not even in one’s wildest, most harrowing nightmares…
Yes, shut him down for the season, and find a really good pitching coach who will teach him the fundamentals. He has to get back to Square One if he’s to get anyplace. And he needs to get on a team that plays at least decent defense—it sounds as if the bunch he’s with now couldn’t catch a cold. :shock: :roll:

Way too many pitches. Especially this early in the season. I would have a talk with the coach and let him know this is too much. The pitches per inning are what is killing him. He will wind up with arm problems if he keeps this up.

And if the coach won’t listen, lose him. Get the kid off that particular team and find another one with a coach who will be reasonable, who will not leave the kid in there to take his lumps. It’s bad enough that it happens all too often in the major leagues, but this is nothing short of reprehensible!!! :shock:

thanks for the input I did talk to his coach and I said 30 pitches in an inning even if its the 1st that should be it.

coach did not agree, he believes in total pitch count and when he gets to 85 he pulls him

this is my sons school team no other choice if he want to play unless I pay 12 grand to send him to a private school and that’s not going to happen

my son started 12 games on varsity last year as a sophomore and had a really good year no issues like this so this is really stressing me out , and my son wants to keep pitching he said his arm is fine

if he has another game with high pitch count inning I will have to shut him down - this will be a battle with my son we our not on the same page

I will keep ya posted…thanks

His arm may feel fine now, but what could the damage be down the road? Coaches in general do what is best for their team, not each individual pitcher. I’m a perfect example. My senior year of high school as the staff ace I made 13 appearances throwing 1045 pitches total in that season. That was in 64 2/3 innings. On 2 separate occasions I threw 128 and 134 pitches in a game that season. That summer I went on to throw another 40 1/3 innings and led the team in innings by over 10 innings. That fall at my college I threw another 30+ innings. Also our coaches at that school believed that we should “throw til your arm is numb, it’s good for it”. I sat the spring out due to arm problems. This past summer I threw a league record 51 1/3 innings and towards the end I began having arm problems. This is also a sign to listen to your arm. After transferring schools this fall I made 5 appearances totaling about 12 innings, but sat out the last month of the fall season with elbow problems. Turns out I needed Tommy John Elbow surgery, the doctor said judging by the damage to it, I needed surgery back in the summer. I’m not saying this is what will happen to your son, but it is a possibility. Your son needs to stand up to the coach. Coaches do not take a parents word seriously, whereas if the player stands up to them, it would be taken more serious.