Pitch catcher?

Guys i’m looking to make a synthetic back catcher for a friend of mine. Something like a tall rack i can hang an old rug on. With a painted strike zone of course.

I was at the hardware store looking at prices, but a big problem hit me… how am i going to make it so that its sturdy and he can fold up into his small trunk?

Any ideas? or products?

If i weren’t going to make one, which would be my cheap alternatives that work well?

I could see that carpet would work just fine, its strong durable and paintable.

I meant if anyone had any ideas on how to make it more portable. I’m thinking the average room for mistakes is around 5 foot high and 2 1/2 feet wide.and ill paint a strike zone in the middle of that.

The problem is how would i make a 5 foot tower fold into the trunk of a car?

What about carrying it like on the seats in the car?

Coach B.