Pitch Behind the Back

Does anybody know if this is legal?

I don’t think it’s a balk but I want to know if it’s a legal pitch.

Did you get the idea from the youtube sensation video?

Well I’ve seen that but it’s not exactly where I got the idea, I’ve practiced doing it a lot just fooling around and I’m wondering if it would be legal in a game bcz I want to try it just once.

i think it is

Unfortunately, you’d hardly ever throw it for a strike and if it got close the ump would call it a ball or a balk.

It’s ok to do, but alot of players are going toa dvise that it’s Busch league baseball. Stay away from the pitch behind the back unless you like your homeruns given up tracked by NASA!

Oh it’s definitely legal.

Maybe so, again busch league…and if you’re still at the age where pitchers bat…i’m pretty sure someone will buzz the tower.

I don’t see it as Busch League I see it as trying to have even more fun with an already fun game.

Me too. I think that would fool the batter completely.

But think of the chances to throw a strike and of the chances to completely fail!
If you throw it somewhere near the strikezone, it’s fun to watch. If you suck, they will let you know, the will laugh and think you try to imitate guys from youtube =)
think before you act