Pinch in top of shoulder


Hi All,
I’m feeling some shoulder pain when I throw and want to see if any of you have felt the same.
I’ll start from the beginning – Spring 2008 was my last season in college and I was the lead pitcher on our staff. In the last week of the season I threw 2 complete games and came in relief in the last game of my career for 2 maybe 3 innings. So this is about 20-21 innings in one week. I figured I was a senior and it was my team so I could pitch whenever I wanted the ball (I went 2-0 beating Edgewood College who we hadn’t beat in 6 years and I beat Concordia University – Chicago who was nationally recognized) I took the rest of that summer off because of extreme fatigue from the season and graduating, getting a job, place, car and all that jazz.
Fast forward to Feb 2009 and I just started playing on a mens wood bat team. We have been practicing indoors and hitting has been great, fielding great, but throwing isn’t going good at all. Whenever I throw the first 5-10 throws are ok….then the shoulder pain sets in. Whenever I throw at the height of my mechanics just as I start to bring the ball forward I get a real bad pinch in the top/middle of my shoulder. IT KILLS just for the duration of the throw. Its not a lingering or constant pain, just a brief tight pinch as I throw.
Other things to consider:

  • I’m terribly out of shape
  • I haven’t been stretching much
  • Just now started doing some rubber band work (you know those little shoulder exercises most and all pitchers should do)

Please tell me this pain is normal and is just the fact that my arm and I are terribly out of shape and these are just some spring training ‘getting back into it’ pains. If it comes down to needing medical attention – do you think more arm rehab and conditioning will just allow me to play 2nd base? If I would need a surgery I prolly wouldn’t do it – cant really take away from work and procedures and rehab are expensive.


I’ve never experienced that but then again I throw a knuckleball. Well I think it deserves medical attention, go to a physician and see what’s going on man.


First, welcome to the site!

Are you saying that you don’t remember doing anything to your shoulder at the end of the last season and that this pain is new a year later?

The “IT KILLS” part is definitely justification to go get checked out by a doctor. Find out what’s wrong and then decide what to do.


in that final week, I felt no pain. By the 3rd appearance, the relief app - there wasnt any pain but I could def tell there was little/no gas in the tank. I didnt even attempt to throw my slider, all fballs and changes.

I didnt throw a baseball from that last day (last batter was a strikeout!!!) until Feb '09 and after a few throws I knew somthing was up.

I did/do play frisbee golf a ton and did that all summer and fall so I have been using my right arm…not exactly the same as throwing a baseball but I have been using my arm in some athletic capacity.


Saw your post on ASMI - you’ll probably get better info there if any of the ASMI folks respond.