Is this the best exercise for stretching and strengthening your core? Which will enable your hips to rotate far ahead of your shoulder to increase velocity.

It may work, but I’ve never tried pilates so I wouldn’t know. Some exercises that have helped me with my velocity are squats, deads, and over all conditioning. Towel drills may help you out with this. Most importantly, focus on your mechanics right now if you want good trunk rotation.

Pitching is all about timing and developing muscle memory. Try it out-from my understanding, pilates center around developing your core muscles. But I wouldn’t make that the bulk of my inseason training. I may use it as a warm up, but that’s about it. That’s just me though. I almost made the mistake of just weight lifting. But since I practice my mechanics daily, my transition to the mound was much easier then I had anticipated. That and the fact I made sure I was as loose as possible. Clear your mind-if there’s one thing that can help out with pitching, it’s that. Stay loose, stay focused, and that’s it. Forget everything and keep your eyes on the target. Good luck, let us know how it goes!

What would be some good exercises and stretches that help you get good trunk rotation and rotating your hips well above your shoulders?

are you on any sort of a program right now?

not at the moment. Looking for something to do since baseball season is almost over for us

wow, my baseball season doesn’t start till next month, lol… But, I’m in alaska… Are you going to join a summer league, and if so when does that start?

Here you go, hopefully this helps… Some exercises that you can do.


Thanks for that link, lbarber. That is one of the most complete core workout outlines I have ever seen. :smiley:

As for Pilates, I also have never tried it, but I have heard a lot about it. Generally, it is not meant to increase strength. It is for aerobic activity and increasing your range of motion. It might be helpful to your flexibility on the mound, but it wouldn’t do much otherwise. If you look at the core workouts on the above site, those are centered around strengthening your core- which provides the power for pitching and hitting. I am a big time believer in this type of workout for athletes.

Longhorn, try to adapt some of those exercises into your routine- start with 5-6 exercises, 4 sets of 10 reps. I personally would try to integrate that with simple weightlifting exercises, like deadlifts, squats, dumbbell shoulder presses and others. 3-4 days a week of core workouts with 2-3 days a week of cardio and flexibility would be really good. I looked at your mechanics post and I really dont think pure strength will be an issue for you. You look like a naturally strong guy, you just need to refine the strength you have and add some more applicable power for your next season.

Good Luck This Offseason,

Pilates is ok for baseball players but it shouldn’t be the bulk of your training. During the inseason you should try to keep your time doing strength training down and use most of our time working on baseball skills.

Most of the core work I do is done by focusing on the core while doing ground based free weight exercises. If you can hold your core tight during these exercises, this will be more useful than most core workouts.

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