Pie throw

How would you fix an arm that as it swings, it stays straight and throws the baseball like a pie or grenade? I will try and post a video as soon as i can but i cant get inside as of right now. But basically the arm has no whip and it just winds through like a batting cage arm. Before, velocity was around 84 to 85 and now is nowhere close. Thanks

Probably goes to the basics of hip turn and twist of the trunk. The arm really is just following the action of the hips and the torso. Could also have to do with foot placement. Like to see some video

This would be a case where we can’t just “leave the arm to the pitcher” or “leave the pitching arm alone”, as is often stated as a absolutes. This isn’t something to be left alone and it won’t fix itself by changing other aspects of the delivery. It needs an intervention.