Pictures of me pitching

I have AWFUL mechanics, I know that I fly open with my upper half and don’t stride nearly far enough for my height and size (6’4’’ 275). And I prolly dont use my lower half either. I throw anywhere from 75 to 82, any suggestions on how I might fix things or what I am doing wrong would be much appreciated.

Practice these drills on a daily basis. You’re losing velocity on your release point alone (fingers under the ball). It also looks like you’re only using half of your upper body. Try tucking the glove and pulling your glove side elbow in and down. Hope this helps.

In that first picture it looks like your shoulders rotated before your hips becaue your shoulders seem to be squared up to the target but the hips haven’t yet. If that’s the case, then you’ve got something out of sequence. But I’ll take a wild guess that what happened is that your hips did rotate first but the didn’t fully rotate and your shoulders passed up your hips. My reason for making that guess is becuase in the second picture, your foot should have been turned over (laces down) but instead the sole of your shoe is still touching the ground - possibly the rubber.

It also appears to me that your head and shoulders are too far out in front of the rest of your body. This is not to say I think you should keep your weight back. On the contrary, I think you probably need to build up more momentum to really pull the back foot away from the rubber. But you might need to lead with the front hip longer into your stride.

But it’s hard to say for sure looking at just a few still photos. Post up some video and we can help you better.

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thanks for the advice/tips. I have a pitching instructor that I will be starting with soon and hopefully he can help me fix a lot of these things. I will get a video up once I can get on a mound and get recorded.

Any more advice would be very helpful. Or constructive criticism :lol:

opening that upper half early effects your arm too, it causes it to be rushed and sort of drop down, causing bad control and lessening your velocity, try keep your shoulders level, and keep them closed

tuck the glove tight and keep your hips closed in the power position

see how in picture one your left elbow is being pulled out well what happens is that your body is trying to gather momentum by pulling out with your elbow causing your shoulders to fly open and your arm to drag thats how the pitchers hurt there arm and have to get tommy jon surgery all you need to do is do some simple drills by getting a pitching tarp and doing walk throughs were you hold up your glove high and were you can see your logo on the glove and do like 20 a day to fix this problem my pithing coach former New York Yankee fixed this problem for me

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Yeah, I second that. Man, if I had a build like yours imagine the things I could do. Too bad I don’t lol, I’m actually a foot shorter and 145 lbs lighter.

Anyways, ya, it seems like your stride may be a little too close. Because of that, it seems that you don’t have the leverage that you need to really bring that ball downhill. Do you have another picture from the pivot to the stride? I wanna make sure that that is the case, before I suggest anything to you.

Man, I can’t get over how big you are. That mound looks like a clump of clay beneath you lol. You should definately stick with sports. How old are you?