Picture or Video of Pro Example?

Is there a good picture or video example of a professional player getting his front hip going?

Here’s a couple from laflippin’s site.

Thanks JP. I like Oswalt other than the the leg kick. Trying to keep my son with a straight leg raise. I know another site uses Matt Mckinney?

IMO an important thing to notice is when hip drive actually begins. With both guys the hips begin their move toward the target before top of leg lift. This is one of the key teachings of the Hershiser drill mentioned so many times on this site. Additionally I tend to like Oswalt’s posture through this phase more than Koufax’s.

and do you know who fine tuned hershiser, koufax. koufax was studied by jobe’s people extensively and they found that there was no wasted motion in his delivery. the first 20 pages of his book: koufax a lefty’s legacy that you can but used fo next to nothing now is legendary. major league pitchers describe how he taught them to pitch. la’s clips are very good. there is an old grainy side view of him i captures on the perfect games, no hitters and near misses dvd that i use extensively with pitchers.

i would listen to la flippin and roger, they’ve been on here a long time. some other posts mean well but they may be just getting started down the pitching path.