Pics of Trevor Hoffman's change up

Anyone know where I can find pics of how Trevor Hoffman grips his change up? Maybe an article, along with the pics of his grip, that explains how he throws it?

that’s a palm balm if I ever saw one. Same thing the old red sox releiver bob stanley used to throw.

I’d rather go with the circle, myself.

Don’t you think it would be quite easy for a hitter to spot?

Considering hes been a perrenial allstar closer for the past 10 years, I’d have to say probably not :smiley:

The thing is this pitch does not get much screwball like action at all, if you ever watch him throw it, you see that it is straight and sinks. The deception is the key.

A pitching coach told me this once about a changeup. He said for a changeup to work good it HAS to look like your fastball, this is obvious. I was trying to develop a changeup with devastating movement and it wasnt working like I wanted to so he told me that in most cases movement is the least important thing. The three things you need for a good changeup is…

  1. Same arm Speed
  2. Deception with the actual speed of the ball
  3. Location

he said those three will get you a good changeup, now if you happen to have the kind of movement Santana and Hoffman have then its almost unhittable.

making the circle on a circle change will give it away too. the big thing about a change-up as far as don’t giving it away is to either hide the ball well, have a quick arm motion so that hitters can’t see grips or have a change-up grip that looks a lot like your fastball. some kind of palmball/3-finger change-up of some sorts.

Wow, that’s actually almost the exact same way I throw my change. Mine started as a circle change but it just morphed over time as I played with it. The only thing I do different than hoffman is I go across the horseshoe while he goes with it. But my fingers are almost identical to that.

Yea, I fell in love with this pitch while fooling around with it in my last bullpen. My circle change has good movement, but is only 10-12 mph slower than my fastball, whereas this pitch has less screwball action, but is atleast 20 mph slower. It is really effective, and not too hard to control either. You just have to give it a great finish at the end of your motion, and make sure that you stay on top of it longer than other pitches otherwise it will roll out and stay up.

But I’m probably going to experiment with this in a game, and use it if I like what I see.

One question though copecowboy, do you ever find this grip giving away your changeup early? That may be my one problem because I am a serious reverse rotator, giving the hitter a pretty clear view of the ball. My arm action is very fast though, so idk.

it’s harder than you think to pick up a grip and than move your eyes to the side the baseball will be thrown and still be on top of it. usually people forget about it but if you’re concerned about it you could put your fingers on the ball without the tips flying like in the picture and adjust your fingers will you bring the arm forward. that might look a lot like a fastball and he wont notice the finger tips changing