Pics o me

Sorry about the quality my scanners stupid. I was gonna try and get a video of me when fall ball started but sign ups start this week so I’m gonna have to wait a little before getting a video.

How do you guys think the hip/shoulder seperation is. I’ve seen people talking about W and M arm action, just exactly what is that?

I look like forrest gump :frowning:



There’s all 5’6" of me :frowning: (and my growing is stopping) this is a game my dad said I was zipping a lot of them in there. I hope thats good but tomorrow i’ll put up more pics hopefully they will help.

Don’t ask about that kid in right field… your guess is as good as mine for whatever it is he’s doing.

Thanks for any help oh and this was a night game for what the picture worth

Alright well thats most of the good pictures… sorry about the quality and its like the 5th picture of something scroll to left if you didnt see it. I donno what happened the 1st picture scanned in fine and then the rest were all weird and I didn’t do anything differently.

Video really is required. For example, what happens between pics 5 and 6?

And that’s not the most favourable pic of the shortstop in that one taken from the 1st base side. :slight_smile:

I agree with DM - we need to assess separation at foot plant which occurs between pictures 5 and 6.