Just a quick question do you ever get guys out picking over to first? and if you do is it a close play where the first baseman tags the runner out or do you catch guys in a rundown? I’m just wondering which happens the most with you guys. I was at our varsity’s baseball game and our pitcher had the slowest spin move to first base he’d spin then wait like a second then throw it just to keep the guy back. Then he did it to one guy and he got him in a rundown. It was the craziest thing it was really casual like his intention was to get him in a rundown and he didn’t throw hard to first or he wans’t quick he just caught the guy with a big lead.

I’m thinking that you shouldn’t worry about picking the guy off just keeping him back when your pitching i see too many pitchers throw the ball away trying to get a guy with a big lead.

What’s your opinion on this matter? Try to pick him off or just keep him back and focus on pitching?

The situation of the game has alot to do with your approach to picking a guy off.

The coaches I have played for always said to throw a pickoff within the first two pitches runner on first. This could sort of be a gimme pickoff, not your best. The type of batter that is up dictates how much attention you should pay to the runner. For example if you are left handed and there is a lefty up and he is a bottom of the lineup hitter and you have already gotten him out twice I would say pay little attention to the runner and just focus on the hitter.

The batter is almost always more important than the runner especially with two outs and even most times with one out. Also pay attention to the runners speed. If he is a heavy first baseman also pay him no attention.

The things to consider…

Score of the game
Speed of the runner
The batter at the plate

being a lefty, a coach i had years ago told me to never get my foot over the rubber instead just to bring my knee over it and to stop in that position take a look at the runner intention and then throw. barely anyone ever try to run on me and if they do 3/4 of the time i pick them off running on second.

Glad to read that some coaches read the rule for lefties and the knee vs. foot past the rubber.

I never really throw the ball over to first base, by the time I turn around the guy is usually almost at the bag. I always pitch from the stretch (just more comfortable and for some reason better control) If I can barly see him I just step off the rubber and look at him. One of my catchers usually pats his leg to a base (1st or 3rd) to tell me to watch him.
The only runner I have ever picked off (Yes, I having an amazing amount of pick-offs… one) was at second base. I do throw the ball to the bag if the runners realize I don’t throw it, but I usually wait for them to get comfortable with my style, or whatever you want to call it, so it catches them a bit more off gaurd if I do decide to throw it over.
I don’t know about you guys but I am comfortable with a runner on base and do not feel a need to try and throw over to get him out, I do step off the rubber to keep him closer to the bag (it’s surprising but it works well for me) and not many kids steal off me (I guess I have a quick delivery)
I always try to be consistant and stay comfortable. I am a relaxed person so my attitude towards base runners is also relaxed and no matter what the situation is I never put to much (or to little) attention on the base runner and I focus more on pitching to the batter and getting him out.