Pickoffs to 1B


Where should the pitcher be throwing the ball to when he is trying to pick off at first base? A lot of coaches in this area are teaching the right hip of the first baseman.

What do you teach?


I don’t teach this but when i pick someone off at 1b i aim low at the firstbasemens glove-foot. if you throw it lower the firstbasemen can tag the runner quicker.


Just like with infielders, I try to get my pitchers to hit the glove. That is approximately the same as the right hip. The glove is visible and the hips may not be. Sometimes the throw will be high or low. If you aim low and it goes even lower, you may put your 1B in a tough spot and end up with runners scampering all over the base paths on a throw that gets away.


that of course is where i throw it when i’m throwing over to pick the runner off, which is 99.9% of the time. What do you think about lazy pick off throws just to “keep the runner honest”. I for one don’t really see the point. To me, firing the ball over there and almost picking him off would be more effective at “keeping the runner honest” then just lobbing it over there


Having a good move and a decent move is handy. If you use your decent move early in the count, the runner may lengthen his lead when he’s running. On the action count you combine his added distance with the quickness of your good move, you may get him. Even if you don’t he’ll shorten up for the next pitch or get a slower jump to ensure you aren’t throwing over before he goes.