Pickoff Moves.

I don’t know if this is considered offtopic.

I was just wondering what kind of pickoff moves everybody uses.

I’m not very good at them, and most of the time my coach doesn’t even bother teaching us any.


I use the easy toss get back im watchin you type of thing. thats one thing ive been needing to work on this summer cuz i kind of tend to get away from that part of pitching

Yeah it’s something that people expect you to do, and most of the time you aren’t reward for it.

yeah its hard to practice without at least 2 other people there with you. and whos gona want to dive back a bunch of times haha

Yeah, my pick off moves are okay, its just the throw at time. Like tonight there is this exceptionally large tool from elk point who like dances on the base paths and i got him so bad wehn he was on third. it was sick, but i threw the ball into the stands.

haha yeah i remember like 2 years ago (i can never forget it ) haha i had this guy picked off at third the ball was under thrown and bounced away. he moved to second. tried again had him in the deer in the headlights look overthrown to center and with that i havent been confident in my pickoff move since haha i think he might of scored but thaqt kind of stuff i dont remember

My best pickoff is a spin to second. It can really freeze a guy up. A couple times this year I would have had someone picked off but I’ll spin and not throw it becuase the shortstop usually isn’t there that much sooner than the baserunner. I usually get heckeled by the fans and my coaches becuase its obvious I had the guy picked off. So I did it last night I would have had him picked off I waited and threw it late and still almost had him then I did it a again and strait into center field. I knew it would happen but if my shortstop was there the kid would have been out.

What we do on varsity is have the shortstop flash his glove behind the runner at second then the pitcher turns his head towards home then spins and the shortstops there but last night it was the JV shortstopt not the varsity one. It’s an easy move and the flashing of the glove works great you guys should try it.

As we all know, it’s easier for a lefthanded pitcher to perform a pickoff move (think Whitey Ford and Andy Pettitte), because said lefthander is facing first base, whereas a righthander has to turn around…But there are some righthanders with a very good move to first base (think Mike Mussina). It just takes more work for them.
And you have to work on these moves, whether you’re lefthanded or righthanded or standing on your head. I remember when I was playing—I confessed to my pitching coach that I was having some trouble with holding runners on base, and he spent a whole morning with me working on this, including pickoff moves. We did it with phantom runners, and later on he got some guys to play base runner and we did it with real live ones. It’s more a matter of timing than anything else—you need to watch and see when a runner might be taking one or two steps too far off the bag, then make a snap throw.
There’s a story that has been told about a lot of pitchers, and you have to think Andy Pettitte here. There was a runner on first, and he got picked off, and when he returned to the dugout he complained to his manager that he was just standing there at first, tapping the bag with his toe, and the pitcher got him between taps. Don’t laugh—I’ve seen Andy do this more times than one can count.
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haha thats a pretty good pick off then. I remember a couple years back jamey wright was on the giants a righty that barely made the team in spring. It said he had 40 something pickoffs in his career which i thought was impressive. And ive heard the key is to never let your throwing hand drop when going to first. As Zita mentioned its a snap to first, not a throw

Hey thanks for all the replies.

It’d be great if Steve put up an article that teaches a few pickoff moves, or if anyone has a video too it’d be great, it still really bugs me cuz I have not been able to pick any runner off yet .

look under pitching articles and there are actually a couple articles on pickoff moves

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Thanks man.

haha no problem

Can you throw over to first if the first baseman isn’t holding the runner on? I’ve always wondered about that because I’ve never seen it.
Is it legal to throw over there?

Good pick off moves just take alot of practice, quickness, and proper form. always watch the runner and see if you can catch him leaning. on a pickoff move to first and second you should get rid of the ball quickly. also the key to a good pickoff is good timing between you and the infielders. for a righty, go from the full windup and try stepping back off the rubber the right foot. but continue your motion. when you get into the peak of your leg kick throw to third. they usually end up looking lke this
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I hae a couple of goodpick off moves I have learned
oneis with runners on 1st and 3rd where you can ake to 3rd and fake to 1st but instead you lift your leg fully up ad just drop it, turn sharply and pick off to 1st leving the runer stranded. If the umpireis any good he will recognise it as a fake to 3rd then throw to 1st.

Another i for if a runner is taking a big lead from 3rd base because you are in the windup then once you set, instead of stepping back with your stride foot, just lift your stride leg up and pivot and throw to leaving the runner lost at sea.
this is for righties, it works th opposite way for lefties

Julio Urias has an amazing pickoff, it’s so sick! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GOE1Qtaknc0 The video of Urias’ pickoff.

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