Pickoff move

i am a righty and was wondering what is the most effective pickoff move for a righty

Here is a couple of moves, the first is just to get the distance down and let the runner know you’ll go over, the second is to hold him, not pick him off.
Have several moves, UNF teaches 5, always throw to a target spot, knee high at the corner of the bag, this makes it easy for the 1st baseman to handle and makes it predictable for him, it also makes it easiest for him to tag the runner.
Practise it, don’t over do it and remember, picking the guy off is great but that isn’t going to happen but maybe once a game if set-up right…the big idea is to suppress the running game…picking is a bonus.

the most effective one for a righty for me is this one

im talkin about the one where you u haven’t came to the set position perfect move for me at least!!!