Pickoff move help

ive never actually worked on my pickoff moves so i was hoping for some tips
before i go at it

and if someone could turn this into a GIF youll be my bestest friend


If you want a good pickoff play I’ll share one that our team used today to get out of a jam. Monday and Tuesday we had 4 kids missing on a school fieldtrip to New York City so we really couldn’t scrimage so we did some small stuff and one was a pickoff play my coach wanted to try. Now I figured that it was something we would never do in a game but that chance came soon enough with today a runer on first and second 2 outs. Our starter went 5 2/3 with 1 ER and he left with runners on 1st and 2nd. Here is the pickoff play.

We have our bunt coverages in colors so we never need to say watch the bunt. So we use watch the bunt for our signal. When someone yells watch the bunt after the pitcher comes set he counts 5 seconds in his head checks the runner on second during it with the firstbaseman counting 5 seconds and at the last minute spinning to first and getting that guy not expecting a pickoff to first. It worked fine today and we got the runner out to end the inning. The firstbaseman has to be aware and counting in his head so he doesn’t give it away and it’s a great way to pick someone off.

It would really really really help us to know if you’re a righty or lefty.

It would really really really help us to know if you’re a righty or lefty.[/quote]
lol sry

im RHP