Pickle juice

I heard Nolan Ryan used to soak his hand in pickle juice to prevent blisters. It may work but then your hand will smell funny :?

Do it up!!!

if you piss on your hand it makes them more callused supposedly. I would think pickle juice would do the same.

really gross :? :? Maybe thats why Mouis Alou (sp?) does it

We do the pickle juice works like a champ must do iy every day.

How do you know that not having blisters was the result of the pickle juice? Did your son get blisters before he started doing it?

Well his fingers would burn like a start of a blister on your heel and since we started doing the pickle juice it does not burn, and nothing else has changed. I’m not to smart but I would say it might have something to do with the pickle juice. Tim

I heard that pickle juice doesn’t work. Steven had a post to me on this.