Picking up the hat = shoulder pain?

Today I started to practice w/ my 9 year old to get ready for fall ball, and he looked good, but he kept finishing pretty much straight up. When I encouraged him to follow through and “pick up the hat” he complained that it hurt - rear of the shoulder above the triceps but a little more to the outside. I just let him stop at that point. He’s stubborn, plus he’s not beyond making up a tummy-ache now and again to get out of his chores, so I’m inclined to push him a little on this issue next time, but obviously I don’t want to do anything to hurt him. Any ideas on why following through would hurt? Just not stretched out there? Slot wrong? I can post a video if that would help.

is he getting wormed up first? u dont want him to go out pitching as hard as he can. also if pitching hard is hurting him maybe he should start focusing a little more on were he places the ball and if u think he is ready maybe use breaking pithes.

Finishing upright is an indication of a lack of momentum or some other issue. So, while finishing upright could certainly affect the follow-through, the solution isn’t to arbitrarily force a particular follow-through. The solution is to fix what causing him to finish upright. But it will take seeing some video to determine that.

Your son could also be lacking strength in the decellerator muscles.

The comments about properly warming up are also good. Warm up to throw - don’t throw to warm up. Throwing to warm up asks the decellerators to start doing their thing right from the get-go before having been warmed up.

We started doing some long toss and extra stretching before pitching and he seems to be doing fine now, and finishing much better - most if not all of the time. Gaining velocity and also dong well with his change up. I do need to shoot some video soon and post that.