Pick pick, what u guys suggest?


that glove

or this one :


Dont go on on the price. Justwant a few revieuws on it if u guys know about it , or had it in the passed ( ornow;))

the pro- prefered

hands down, if you dont have the money the gold gloves are nice too and they look almost the same.

Either will work. These gloves are of different sizes and intended for different uses.

The HOH is designed more as an infielder’s glove that can be used for a pitcher. It has a medium-deep pocket so it’s easier to get the ball out of the glove for the long throw to first. The HOH break in more easily, but don’t last as long…they can get floppy and require more adjusting…but are still excellent gloves. If you pitch and also play a position, this might be the one for you.

The PP is designed primarily as a pitcher’s glove. It’s bigger, in fact at 12 1/4" it’s huge!, and is a deep-pocket design. I really like the PP. They break in nicely, and last forever. It can be used for third base in a pinch, but would be unwieldy for all but the biggest hands. It can also be used for outfield play, but the web will probably be less flexible than the HOH.


The PP will take longer to break in.

True, but I think they break in better all the same. It’s too easy to get the HOH too broken in if you’re not really careful. Great way to ruin a good mitt.

I only play pitcher. I just want a good glove now. ive had 1 rawlings before and i really liked that one. after that an easton, wich i think kinda sucks :?

ive tried a gold glove from my friend, i think its abt the same as my easton.

since my friend going to NY its 2x CHEAPER!! than over here. i pay 180 euros instead of 350 in the Netherlands.

do they have these gloves in most shops?? cuz would suck if my friend cant find it…


do they have these gloves in most shops?? cuz would stink if my friend cant find it…


I don’t know about the East Coast, but they’re pretty hard to find around Washington State. Here’s a couple of ideas: If you buy online, you can get them cheaper and find more variety. Is your friend coming over for a while? Or do you know someone who lives on this side of the pond? It might be possible to purchase it online and have it delivered over here; from there your friend picks it up and takes it home. Is he just stopping in for a short visit? Go to Rawlings’ website and find a store that carries the mitts within the vicinity of your friends vacation destination.

well he is gonna be there for 10 days.
they got 10 rawlings shops in NY , i hope he is close to one …

ordering and deliver to the Netherlands is abt 40 dollar shipment + 30 euros import costs-.- still beter than buying in NL but its alot anyways

Pro Preferred