Physics of Throwing/Swinging


If you are interested, some of my work was featured in the NY Times this week (online) and will be in-print next week: Doctor Strange Throw

I’m involved with the physics of throwing and swinging sports. I show the more open-minded sports enthusiast how to throw harder (further) and swing faster. Even as an old man, I throw stuff far and swing stuff fast.


Dr.Strangethrow, I’ve been slowly studying what i can on pitching and movement. What I’ve seen recently is even though the tennis serve has similar arm movements and stress
shoulder and UCL issues are rare .Would you recommend tennis, mainly the serve, as part of an offsesson or even in season excercise?


The short answer is yes, but there is always more to the story; and my research into the physics of throwing and swinging based on physics as it pertains to human biomechanical mechanisms. You are welcome (even encouraged) to learn more.