I have a Phiten necklace and I think they do work to heal quciker. My bio teacher that say’s that titanium does work to heal.

I just bought the Phiten Arm Sleeve because of my tired arm because overuse I think it will help with recovery and make for a good support to the Arm, forearm, elbow bicep and tricep is what it covers I hope this will help.

PHITEN IS A GREAT COMPANY THAT WORKS FROM 1st hand experiment I’ve seen it work and my friend used my neckalce once and it helpped him.

This is the arm sleeve I’m buying

This is a phiten necklace I have I got the black and white one.

What things of PHITEN do you have???

No but I always wondered about it. Seemed like a waste of money and kinda expensive.

Might cost some $$$ But it works so cost isn’t a problem when it works.

What does it even do? Help prevent pain?

ristar do those necklaces really work because i think i might buy one i wanna make sure im getting my moneys worth

They help with pain and alot of stuff click on the link.

I think the sleeve is going to help alot because it will give support and make you heal better. It will keep the arm muscles warm through out the game. And it doesn’t hinder movement too so it will be like more compression to help the heeling process.


So do you pitch when it’s on and stuff?

Yes I where the necklace when I pitch. And when the sleeve comes in the mail I will pitch with that on too.

hmm that’s cool.

Do you think it will stay on around your skinny little arms? :smiley: :lol: :wink:

Just kidding.

I wear the necklace as well. Not really sure if it works or not but it doesnt hurt. It could be all in your mind and used as a placebo effect. Like, if you think in your head that its helping you, you will pitch better. I dont know, people on TV where them so obviously it cant hurt.

That’s sort of what I was thinking too.

Titanium does work because it stabilizes the ions around you increasing healing and even a well trainined teacher that I know thinks that it does help in recovery because everyone has a force field of ions around them.

ya thats what ive heard it does

Yeah I’m sure it works but the placebo probably plays a roll in it too. How do you know they even put this stuff in it? Just saying you never know but if it works it does. I’m sure they do though.

good point

thye do put this stuff in it because if they didn’t we would see some smart people sueing big $$$$ and they wouldn’t be in biz.

Yeah true but you never know with our legal system.

SO THAT’S WHAT LUIS VISCAINO WEARS ALL THE TIME!!! he has about 5 or 6 of them around his neck. I always wondered what they were and why he wears so many. If it does work that’s pretty damn awesome i must say.

Haha no that would be Mariano Rivera.

I was trying to think of who I knew that wore a million of them yea it’s Viscaino. It’s crazy how Mariano worked with him and all of a sudden he is dominant.

hahaha i know!! pretty crazy oh well mariano is just a god :smiley: :smiley: