PG for 13U?


Was looking for some opinions on whether or not it’s worth it for a 13U player to attend an individual PG classic series, where the kids are placed on teams based on position they play and where they live. It’s not a showcase, but there are challenges they are evaluated against. The cost of the series itself is reasonable, but I’d have to get a hotel room, car rental, etc. My son is a pretty competitive pitcher and it might be good to see how he stacks up against players from across the country, but again - not sure if it’s really worth it…


My son has done many of the PG showcase/events,. Here’s my thoughts, it’s expensive, if he goes as a pitcher he will only throw 3 innings max. He can sign up for other positions and will play more. From my experience though most of the events are really planned well and run well. The one thing it does though, it will create a record of the event and a page with scouting report for your son. Probably the best thing though is to get your son out of his comfort zone to play with kids he has never met. My son played in one event that maybe 5 kids on the team that English was their first language.
Again I think my son played in probably 5 of the events you mentioned and if you have specific questions I’d be happy to answer them for you. All and all it’s definitely worth doing once.


Thanks for your reply. How old was your son when he started going? Wondering if it’s worth it for 13U or if it makes more sense to wait another year or two. Does it make a difference to have a scouting report at that age?


He was 14/ on his first event. Most of the ones my son played in were in the florida area, Fort Myers. Depending on how your son feels about playing with total strangers, if he has a not so good appearance will it crush him? Can he have a slow start and bounce back next inning? Basically only you know the maturity level of your son.
PG does do a nice job and they have many different types of showcase / tournament events, scouting reports are pretty decent and non biased. In my experience though, PG is really geared to pitching. I don’t think it helped my son get recognized or recruited for college, but I’m sure it has for some. Just my opinion is wait one to two more years.
With that said check out PBR “ Prep Baseball Report “for your area and showcases and his age. These are individual events that will also provide a scouting report and also a record of progress. They are usually only 1 day events and cost is low, along with less pressure as it’s more individual.


Good topic. In my view these types of showcase events are better when a pitcher is 15 or 16 instead of 13 or 14.


Thanks for the responses! Very helpful!