Peyton Grigsby piching analysis

This is known as over-throwing. Out of control pitching mechanics done largely by kids who think they need to throw as hard as they can. When you hopefully learn how to throw with good mechanics you will actually throw harder. I know something about throwing based on physics and biomechanics.

DST nice analysis. Seriously do you have anything to contribute. What is good? What is bad? Guy throws with a contralateral tilt. It does not mean he is overthrowing. It means his mechanics and body movement is different than normal throwers. Feedback should be immediate and specific. Not negative and generic.

The fastest southpaw of all-time was this guy and he didn’t throw with ridiculous mechanics: New Britain, CT: Home of the World's Fastest Fastball

Let’s address the most critical issues during this post.

  1. During leg lift, have him bring his knee straight up towards the chest with the toe pointing down; no need to be getting his knee over the rubber.
  2. When his front foot lands, have him align his heels (front heel lines up with back heel); this will get him throwing in the right direction without the extreme contralateral tilt. Also, just before his foot lands, have him begin to rotate his back hip forward.
  3. Have him release the ball later in his delivery.
    Work on these things for one week, then come back with this video and post a new one to see his improvement, and we will move forward from there.

We will build a solid foundation first then move upward.

Former College pitcher and current pitching coach

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