Peter's Year

He will have his first start on April 5th he is 12 years old was clocked at 46 feet at 81mph. In his last start or the season last summer he recorded 17K’s 1 walk and a pop up to 3rd.Hopefully he continues to progress. He is 5’4 130lbs throws right bats both.

Please post a video of him in a game if you can…

No offense, but I highly doubt a youngster of his size can top 80. :?

I think he means equivalent to 81 mph at 60 ft 6 inches

So in the upper 60’s? low 70s

sounds like the kid has great mechanics at any rate with 17 K’s in any league

He was clocked at 81 which is the equivilant of i think if he throws from 60 ft you are correct its like 60 to 70 i dont know the formula which is not bad for a 12 yo. If any one has any drills we can use to make his arm stronger with out lifting weights im all ears. he is 7th grade and has 2 offers for high school already.

Oops :lol:

Very good though. Congrats on the HS offers and good luck with his first start and season.

That’s excellent. Sounds like he’s got a great future.

3 innings 32 pitches 8 k’s 1 ground out He went 2-3 single and homer and a walk.

In his second start he threw 3 innings again 9 strike outs went 2-2 with 2 Homers. Will post video of next Start on Monday