Personal Hygiene Like a Professional


In a small plastic cup, fill 1/2 way with rubbing alcohol and immerse your razor after each use, for about 15-20 seconds. Just be mindful of the type of razor that you’re using - inspect the razor for any parts that are worked free because of the alcohol’s effect.
Rubbing alcohol is a great way to keep your razor in clean condition, removes bacteria, dead skin, and other collectors on your razor. You’ll also greatly reduce the chances of severe infections on your face if and when you get nicks and cuts from your razor.


After a shower, dry off and then take your bath towel and lay it flat on the sink or other suitable surface. Sprinkle some baby powder in a line on the center of the towel. Gently take the towel and press the powdered side against your back, and move the towel up and down - dusting your back. Then take the towel and dust the rest of the body.
A dusting of talcum powder/baby powder is a great way to cool down and relax after a hot day on the playing field. Also, don’t forget to dust the inside of your baseball shoes before and after every game. Your feet will stay nice and cool, without the buildup of sweat.


When you’re in a motel or other away place and you’re going to shower, take a bottle of hydrogen peroxide and splash some on the bottom of the shower stall or tub that you’re about to stand in to take a shower/bath. Motels and the like do not scrub these conveniences. Besides, you never know what the last occupant did in the place you’re about to put your feet in - even if your wearing shower flip-flops.][img][/img