Periodic Shoulder Pains

This will be my second year playing competetive baseball for my varsity team at my high school and I’ve begun to have sharp little shooting pains in my rotator cuff area whenever I throw. I had it a little bit last year but it went away, but now it has come back. I’m thinking I did something to my shoulder about two years back when I played a lot of street football with my friends (I was about 15 years old) and I’d be out there throwing 40-50 passes. Now, after tossing the football around for roughly 20-25 passes yesterday and coming to have a 20 pitch bullpen session, my shoulder has the sharp pain once again. I only feel it when I throw the ball and it dissapears when I’m doing any normal activity. Is this something I should have seriously looked into? Or is it some sort of tendinitis?

Sharp pains are bad. I would go see a doctor.

Also, do you have a video of yourself throwing? There could be a mechanical cause of your problem.

just came back from a cut short 20 pitch session because of an immense amount of pain running up my elbow to my shoulder. it feels like nerve pain and not muscle pain. its hurting like crap right now to a point where my right arm is basically immoble. im a pretty novice pitcher and i’m thinking my mechanics added to my earlier pains from overworking my arm from football earlier in the year. can anyone diagnose me with my symptoms?

Can’t diagnose what we can’t see. Your description is too vague… Could be what Brett Favre is suffering from, could be a torn labrum or fractured rotator cuff like Brad Radke has.
A trip to an Orthopedic doctor is probably your best move to get everything on the right track to correcting the problem. My bet is at least physical therapy, which can do wonders.

This is a big deal. I would go see a doctor.

A video clip would help us look for the root cause of the problem.

see a doctor there are streches that i no how to do to strech the nerve
its pinched

You’ve gotten good advice from everyone. Go see a sports medicine doctor who is familiar with throwers and their problems.