Performance after injury

guys, my almost 14 year old son pitched today after not throwing for 2 months due to medial epicondial tendinatis. His fatball was about 65mph before injury but today seem to be 5 to 7 mph faster. Struck out 5 in 2 inings of work. The only thing he did was rest and drink whey protein every day. What should I make of this increase?

He is healthy? That is what I would make of it.

Did he go through any PT or rehab work?

no, not at all. the only thing I can think of is he really started to focus on his machanics due to injury and is now doing it close to as good as he can do it at 5’6" and 130lbs. but I am not good enough at seeing the difference. I will have to get some video.

You know the first thing that all it seems I read in the medical reports about pitching injuries is that you cant pitch 12 months a year, pitchers need a few months off at least 3 months a year without competitive pitching, where that happens is up to the pitcher themselves.

Well there are numerous ways in which something like this could happen. Perhaps your son has had some sort of shoulder problem, in which the body naturally transferred for stress to the elbow to compensate and when your son rested his shoulder. Maybe he had inflammation that he mistakenly took as soreness, and when he rested his shoulder was all of a sudden healthy which along with a healthy elbow could contribute to the velocity.

Really it is anybody’s guess, especially seeing as how many of us are not licensed doctors.

Yep, we all are just making guesses but I think we would like to hear of his continued improvement.

First … He’s 13, so he’s still growing, so he had some natural growth and natural strength gain during those two months off. My son, who just turned 9, took 3 1/2 months off from late May to early September, doing little other than swim and play chess, and just recently we started up again for Fall Ball, and the increase in his velocity from late May to now has me astonished. I am more convinced than ever of the wisdom of the admonition of ASMI and Dr. James R. Andrews et al. that youth pitchers need at least three months off each year from pitching and other overhand throwing activity. See article at

Second … Had your son been pitching for a long time, such as 6 or 9 months, at the time of his injury? If so, perhaps he was fatigued a bit and needed time off to rest and recoup strength. My doctor friend refers to the importance of “non stressed growth” in youth athletes.

Guys, I learned a lesson. Make sure you know what you are giving your kids. Here is the story. About 2 1/2 months ago I began giving my son whey protein ment as a meal replacement. He is the type of kid that goes out in the morining with his glove, basketball, a bottle of sports drink and then you don’t see him until about 6:oopm. I felt he needed additional protein and calories. When the first container of whey ran out last month I purchased another. Wally mart did not have the same brand. I purchased another brand that said " Super advanced whey protein". I thought it was the same stuff. In the last week or so he seemed to have more energy and looked somewhat ripped he felt great and was excited about going on the mound again. About 4 days ago he developed a rash, acne on his face. I thought it was normal for a kid his age. However this morning he had it on his neck, back and thigh. Curiously I went back and read the label of the second container of whey. Well it contained a substance called creatine and other things that the first container did not. I looked into it and one of the reactions could be rash. It is not reconmended for kids under 18. I don’t know if it was absolutly responsible for his improvement but I will not give him anything with this stuff in it again and be more careful to read labels. I am hoping his skin clears up soon and he is alright. Thanks for your insight.