Perfecting Mechanics- 19yrs old

Hey, my names Scott I’m 19yrs old and I been playing baseball for only 5 months but i play in a semi pro league and plan to walk on at a local college. my velocity right now is mid to upper 70’s but i hit the strike zone consistently. What tweaks can I make to start increasing my velocity. Thank you.

try pushing more with your legs and taking a longer stride to throw faster

I disagree. I see you overstriding without much weight shift. This appears to be causing balance issues. Even through release you appear to be keeping your momentum from releasing forward to the plate.

I see the balance issue and lack of momentum to the plate slowing your potential arm speed.

What to do? I would suggest that you look up the Hershiser Drill on YouTube. This drill will help you get your hips started. The second half of the drill will help with stride and forward momentum.
Also work on your balance. Maintaining balance will help with your drive forward toward the plate.

On the video it says below that you just finished a max out day with the legs.
I would mix in plenty of single leg work…this will point out and help correct any strength imbalances you have. It will also help with balance, which as Turn stated, is very important.
Remember, a good stride is the result of other things being done correctly. If you just stride long to stride long it is usually a velocity killer.

You have poor mechanics I am sorry to say. You need lessons beyond the Internet. You have poor rhythm. Don’t worry about stride, hip, or Hershire drill. Work on rhythm of lower and upper body

One of the many things I noticed is that your throwing arm is up way too early. You have to keep that arm down until you have built some torque with the hips and are planting that front leg.

Your high leg kick may help you gain speed down the hill once your body starts to come forward, but any momentum you are storing is being nullified when you collapse your back knee during the stride. Your body is moving down (almost a sitting posture) when it should be moving forward.

Right now, your lower body is working hard to catch up with your arm position when it’s your arm that should be trying to catch your lower body.

By the time you are in a good throwing position, you have nothing in the tank and you are throwing darts.

Notice also how, at release, your center mass is very low and behind your lead leg instead of being up and over the lead leg. Your lower half is applying the brakes before you even release the ball.

Overall, the delivery you have developed looks very uncoordinated and stiff. In my opinion, this will take a while to correct all of this and any plans you have to walk-on anywhere in the short term should probably be re-evaluated.