Perfect Time of the Year

Think of a coach or a group of coaches that has helped you progress, learn and develop in this sport - and say thanks.

A card at this time of the year would mean more to that/those people than you could possibly know.

Amateur baseball coaches give a lot of their time and space to produce a program for you that’s worth saying … " I remember coach, and thank you."

Think of it this way… not only are you passing on a nice gesture, but you’re showing a potential reference that you have the maturity and the stability to think beyond yourself. Coaches, recruiters, scouts and others appreciate an individual that can be a “class act”.

Coach B.

I would like to thank my coach for the last 4 years, a card would be cool. Thanks

It’s funny that you posted this, before this thread was even posted, I wrote a 4 page letter to my summer coach and his family telling them about how I am in college and all about college ball. Along with a very merry Christmas. I will get all my high school coaches a Christmas card, I think it is important for them to know how important they are in your development.