Perfect Pull-up

I’ve started using the Perfect Pull-up as an alternate workout method and find that the next day I feel a lot stronger and looser on days that I throw. Its all bodyweight pull-up exercises without throwing the iron around so I think its beneficial. Does anyone else think otherwise? (like it could be harmful)

I don’t think that it could really be that harmful unless it pulls your door frame off. Otherwise, it’s just like using any other pull-up bar with added convenience.

I’ve got the same thing. No troubles with the door frame yet.

Well actually I dont even use it in my apartment because…theres no point im at college and dont need to pay for the expenses of drilling into the door frame. So instead I just use a squat rack that has the pullup bar overhead (and just throw the hand things on that) and then to do the other two workouts I go to one of those squat racks that lets me change the level of where the bar is and go from there. But its the same thing and awesome that I’ve been able to use it for more places than just my apartment if needed.