Perfect game showcases

i havent been to any of these but just my looking at the reports of people i know that have attended it seems like their radar gun is way off. anyone know about this?

They usually have a Stalker and a Jugs set-up and to my experience they seem…SEEM to be reporting what we’ve seen at other places. More than enough scouts were attending so the baloney factor is real low…you ain’t foolin folks who do that for a living so I really don’t think they try.

jd, which is the one that reads alittle faster the jugs or stalker?

As I recall (This is what I remember CaDad said…he knows more than I ever will about radar guns…) The jugs is the gun that shows faster, I believe he recently stated that the Stalker was preferred by scouts.
If you want a definative explanation go to his personal log or pm him. The reason they set both is so they don’t have the controversey imo. We attended 7 or 8 tourneys that they sponsered…including the Sept. Scout combine down in Jupitor (Was at least 1000 scouts there and most of them were carrying there own gun). At some point it was just go check and see if they were consistant with what was at the last tournament…The first few times it was a novelty…“Wow get to watch his speed all game”…after a while you could tell how fast by pop on the glove (Of course it isn’t scientific but when you hear it and see it…you can be in the range so it doesn’t matter).

PG showcases are mostly a scam other than the national and world showcases.

TC could you elaborate for the guys who haven’t attended.
My rule of thumb is to be careful and thouroughly research what you get yourself and wallet into.
All of the tourneys we went to were tourneys made up of regular teams and some sponsered teams (Team Mizuno…etc.) several were college freshman summer ball squads…the competition was top flight. Many were stepping stone tourney’s which were qualifiers for the Nationals. World Wood Bat Association tourneys run on parallel lines.
I do agree that some of the stuff is single minded (Get as many singles out of mom and dads wallet as could be gathered :shock: ), specifically so called prospect “Showcases”, where you get to drop $500 for the privelege of working out “as a pro” for an afternoon and they do games the next day :roll: .